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Do you have questions? We have answers!


where we add FUN to your event!

- Why choose BOX OF FUN PHOTOBOOTHS over other companies?

We are a family owned company. We treat every customer as a V.I.P. customer. We only offer PHOTO BOOTHS,

so we are the photo booth experts! We personally will do whatever it takes to help you with the rental of our photo booth.

Every Attendant has been with our company since we started. Our Attendants are FUN, PROFESSIONAL, ADULT and

KID FRIENDLY! Also, we are insured!


- Is there a difference in photo booths?

YES, We only use high end equipment. We spared no expense in our equipment. From our Cannon DSLR cameras to our Mitsubishi Dye- Sublimination printers. Our booths are very efficient, they taking 3 poses in 15 seconds and print the pictures

in 15 seconds. This lets more quests use the photo booth in a quicker amount of time. In fact, our quality is so high, the game

 show, The Price is Right gave it out on their show.


- Do we charge for props?

NO WAY! We bring 3 bins of FUN props!!


- Is our photo booth big?

It can be. This is where we are very unique! We can make the photo booths 8 x 10 to fit 20-22 people or 6 x 7 to fit about 15.


- Do we have to use the pipe and drape?

NOPE! We can set up our photo booth with the capes only if you are limited on space or if you want the photo booth as an

open air system. This way the photo booth becomes a fun part of your event. With no curtains up this allows all your guests

to be part of any picture. This allows your guests to pop in any picture at any time. everyone has a GREAT time!


- Can the photo booth go outside?

YES, Because of our open air system, we don't have to worry about any breeze blowing the curtains.

Guests enjoy the photo booth outside with no curtains.

** Must be under a tent if it rains.


- How far do we travel?

Prices include 25 miles round trip from 48312. If more, additional fee applied.


- How much deposit do we charge? $150.00


- What kind of events do we do? ANY and ALL


REMEMBER- We bring the FUN to your event!

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